The dreams and hopes you have for your child, made possible.

Extra help for the child with extra needs

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If you are parenting a medically fragile child, or a child with emotional or behavioral issues who requires ongoing care, you don’t need to walk this path alone.

Get competent guidance and compassionate support at NO COST

Navigating all the aspects of your child’s care can be very daunting. Do it the easier way.

One Team. One Focus.

A dedicated care manager, assigned to your child, will take the burden of your child's care off your shoulders, and ensure that everybody involved in your child's care knows what's happening, what needs to get done, and that it's all arranged for without delay.

One hundred percent confidential

Your child's digital records will be accessed using software specifically designed to ensure HIPPA compliance. We will take every necessary precaution to keep all your information secure and protected at all times.

Care management allows you to experience clarity around your choices and confidence in your decisions.

Life feels different
with Comfort Health at your side


Whole-Person Approach

We keep the big picture in mind, identifying and arranging the delivery of all necessary supports such as SSI, available grant opportunities, Medicaid transportation, therapy arrangement and the like.
Moreover we are constantly on the lookout to help you maximize any available resources, funding and grants.


Parent Peers

We offer you the option to join a support group comprised of parents parenting a child with a similar diagnosis to your own. These groups foster hope resilience and inspiration, so you can cope with the distinct challenges you face.


Respect & Responsiveness

We are your child’s champion and your partner in their care.
Your values are always front and center when it comes to your childs plan of care. We advocate for your child with your preferences in mind. You can always reach out to us with any of your suggestions questions or concerns.


Personalized Plan

Your child is unique. We take the time to discover their strengths and needs, so that we can create a customized plan, tailor-made for who they are and where they’re going in life.


Extensive Experience

Our experience servicing individuals with a range of physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral conditions, steers you and your family towards the right choices.


Network of Trusted Providers

The connections we forged over the years allows us to refer you and introduce you to the people and professionals who can guide your child to grow into their best selves.

Allow yourself a taste of reassurance and relief.

Children thrive and blossom when surrounded with the people they know and trust

HCBS - Home & Community Based Services are designed to support children in the familar setting of their own home & community

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Community Habilitation

Enhance your child’s independence. Have them learn the skills they need to take care of their belongings themselves and their space. [available for children over the age of three)

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Day Habilitation

Help your child identify and develop social and recreational skills. Have them acquire a deeper understanding of their neighborhood community and society in a Dayhab setting. [available for post graduates]

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Caregiver/Family Advocacy and Support Services

Gain an understanding and receive assistance in dealing with the needs of your child and family. Obtain training, support, and advocacy to help you deal with your child’s diagnosis.

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Prevocational Services

Help your child learn the skills necessary to volunteer or work at a job that matches their interests. Skills include communication, problem solving and workplace safety. [available for children over the age of fourteen]

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Supported Employment

Help your child find a paying job and receive on-site ongoing support. Have them receive job coaching and help advancing  their career. [available for children over the age of fourteen]

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Respite Services (Planned and Crisis)

Get short term relief for your child and family to support you through a variety of situations.

You set life goals for your child. We make them happen.

Follow the path towards your child’s successful future

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Start Here

Speak to a caring experienced intake coordinator

Discuss your concerns and questions. Get help with evaluations, diagnoses & Medicaid approval, in addition to referrals if necessary, so your child gets on track with the best possible coordination of care.

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Map The Route

Arrange for services

Meet with your care manager to create a plan of care based on your individual goals and preferences.Review your child’s eligibility, understand the options available,  and get assistance tackling the practical aspects of implementation


Get Moving

Put your plan into action

A designated HCBS service coordinator will reach out as soon as you are approved for services. The service coordinator will arrange and coordinate the HCBS services your child is approved for. They will recruit, hire, and set the schedule for the Direct Service Providers [otherwise known as DSP’s] who will work directly with your child in providing the HCBS services.

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Keep going

Share the journey with your co-pilot

Stay in touch with your care manager to determine and document your child's progress; to update and improve the plan of care based on circumstances; and to confirm continued eligibility, appropriate integration, and uninterrupted services.

Take advantage of our knowledge, experience, resources, and support

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My child has very weird/difficult behaviors; where do I turn for help?
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Our agency can refer you to community resources and sign you up for relevant services.

How do I know which services my child qualifies for?
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One of our caring experienced intake coordinators will listen to your story and outline all available options.

How long does it take to get approved for services?
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If your child has Medicaid the process on average will take two weeks. 

Services will start pending on care manager availability.

If my child does not have Medicaid can he get services anyway?
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Yes. We will help you apply for Waiver Medicaid which is Medicaid insurance approved based on the child's disability vs. the family income.

What are waiver services?
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Home and community-based services waivers (otherwise known as HCBS waivers) were developed to meet the needs of people who prefer to get long-term care services and support in their homes or community. See all Waiver services here

What is a Health Home?
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A 'Health Home' is not a place; it is a group of health care and service providers working together to make sure you get the care and services you need to stay healthy.